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Bike Racing is Confusing

Confusing to the point of I Must learn more.

confusing bike raceIt’s an apparent anarchy of zero body fatted people zooming about on two wheels. I’ve been watching the occasional bike race here and there and finally figured out race strategy and all that fun stuff, but the rest in just confusing.

Through my time watching I became a fan of one bike racer in particular, Danny Pate. You may not know who he is. He is one of those people who work really hard to get the team leader to the front then let them sprint ahead for the win.

I became a fan because he does not fit the bike racing mold. He is too tall and too heavy, and yet, has been very successful. This year though, Danny left the international scene to race for an American team, Rally Cycling. So I decided to follow Danny’s new team.

That’s where things start to fall apart. I’m used to car racing where a team, with a fairly steady group of drivers, races in a series towards a championship. None of that exists in bike racing. Championships are one day events, but there are a bunch of them. There is also a national “calendar” of events, but I’m not sure why. Even the members of a team change from event to event.

I should note that when I say bike racing I really mean bicycle road racing. There are also races for all other kinds of bikes or in some case human powered vehicles. Plus divisions by surface and venue type. Even road racing consists of a variety of different events.

Perhaps now you can see why I say that bike racing is confusing. What I am hoping to do is blog about my attempts to make sense of all this. Future posts will include:

  • Who runs bike racing?
  • What are the different types of races?
  • How do I follow bike racing?
  • Where can I watch a bike race?
  • What is a team and why do they exist?
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