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The family alienator on eBay

family alienatorThe family alienator will destroy your family.

This vehicle, which I have dubbed the alienator, is what most conservatives imagine what they will be forced to drive in the future if tree-huggers get their way.

Battery-assisted pedal-powered four-seater with a solar panel for a roof. What less could you want?You know there’s a reason car makers stopped building open cars back in the 1920’s.

What I’m trying to imagine is what four people would want to ride this thing more than once. Sure, everyone will want to ride it. Then what?

A major problem here in SF would be where to park it. Give its size it would have to be parked like a car, which pretty much negates any convenience factor. Though for snootiness, it would a vehicle for thumbing your nose at all those carbon unfriendly Priuses. (Sorry I refuse to say prii.)

With 5 days to go there is only one .99 cent bid. For that price maybe I could find some use for it. The greenest Uber car ever?

See the full listing: 4 Seater Rhoades

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