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Retro retro motortrike

retro retro motortrikeThis motortrike is all kinds of wrong, which is what makes it right.

Actually motortrike isn’t entirely accurate. Those dualies in the back technically make this a motorpentcycle, but that sounds like some kind of suppository.

Where do I begin? The engine, the rear wheels, Indian on the tank and of course those gloriously upside down handle bars. A work of art to be sure.

I love how so many bikes are and were made to look like old motorcycles which in turn were designed to look like even older bicycles. Not all repeating history is doom. It’s not really nostalgia but a timeless aesthetic that needs the occasional reminder.

The problem I have with this bike is, that while I would love to own it I don’t think I could ever ride it. It’s way too self-conscious. This is a bike for someone who needs lots of attention. Like the guys who don’t just buy Ferraris, the buy bright yellow Ferraris.

With three days to go the current bid is $295 which seems rather low to me.

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