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Fish bike on eBay

fish bikeUnfortunately this fish bike is more fish than bike.

As is it is unrideable, but he seller claims that if you remove the fish parts and add a chain the bike would be a bike again. It is after all a vintage bike that appears fairly well preserved, but then it wouldn’t be a fish bike.

So what to do? Do you leave it as is and use it for decoration? Or do dump the fish parts and make it a bike again? Or maybe you could modify the fish parts to make the bike rideable. Of course with the parts just on one side the bike might be a bit tippy.

You could try to duplicate and mirror the fish parts for the other side for a more balanced ride. Yes, that would make the bike quite heavy but you would be the hit of any parade. Can you say Burning Man? Sure you can.

I myself could never own this bike because I would spend the entire length of ownership worrying about the issues above but never acting upon them, till I finally sold it. Then I would take to my grave the worry about what ever happened to the fish bike.

The best course for me is take that drug that helps you forget your colonoscopy and hope it wipes the bike from my memory.

See the full listing: Schwinn Spitfire

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