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How much bicycle commuting is enough?

It’s a trick question. There is no limit to bicycle commuting. No matter how much the motorists try.

At the top of the commuting universe is a new list of the 10 top non-motorized commuting cities in America. San Francisco shows up as number three with 13.9% only 2.8 points behind college student-infused Boston.

On the other side of the world Melbourne is aiming to beat us all with a 25% bike commuting rate. Though I’m pretty sure that’s a metric percent so it’s not reall comparable. Though their plan intends to get more women on bikes and I’m all for that.

Meanwhile, over in the Philippines, Quezon City has created a bike lane so bad that Olympic cyclists are fighting to get it shut down. It was added to a road known locally as the Killer Highway.

Finally, back in America, Minneapolis, which has one of the highest density of bike lanes, is looking to add more. Some people are wondering why. Of course they wouldn’t ask the same question if they were building more roads for cars. That’s a given.

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