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boys cycling funI spend so much time talking about bike lanes and commuting sometimes I forget about cycling fun.

After all cycling fun came way before cycle commuting. Rich people enjoyed their two-wheeled toys long before the less rich figured out that bikes could get them places and carry things.

One of my favorite fun things about cycling, at least from a voyeuristic perspective, is bike racing, especially velodrome racing. However, my first reaction to watching racing on a velodrome was, “Are these people on drugs?” They seemed to be making it all up as the went along. After all, in how many types of racing is stopping in the middle of the track a common strategy?

Fortunately Cycling News has put together a guide to track racing. It explains the whole stopping thing, why that one guy rides a motorcycle, and all kinds of other puzzling activities.

On a more active bent, one of the most fun things you can on a rugged bike, BMX or Mountain, is riding a pump track. Not the easiest skill to learn. I myself look like a manatee on wheels while young punks zoom past me without appear to expend any effort at all.

The great thing about pump tracks is that they are all different and can be built mostly anywhere, usually as a DIY effort by some local cyclist. The down side of that is the governments don’t like things like this built without their authority and oversight. Fortunately that attitude seems to be changing.

There are lots of politics around bicycles and cycling, but adding a bit of results in bicycles being around politics. In Portland they are planning a 100 mile bike ride to benefit Bernie Sanders. Yes, I’m for Bernie, but if you add a comment with a link to a verifiable link to any other political rides, I’ll make sure it gets published.

For mountain bikers who like the wilderness, This park in the Blue Ridge mountains has got you covered.

So remember folks, no matter what you do with your bikes, have some fun along the way.

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