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bike laneThe bike lane is not magic.

Some people think that adding a bike lane to a road will solve all car vs. cycle problems. Wrong. In fact sometimes it’s just the start of new problems. In Portland, which appears to have nice wide bike lanes, has a problem with cars parking in lanes and in one case, driving across a bridge in a separated lane that proved not quite wide enough.

Over in New York the battle over bike lanes continues. The arguments this time are over lanes added to some of the busiest streets on the upper east side. In an attempt to get their streets back motorists have suggested adding lanes to every street except the busiest. Some cyclists are agreeing to that but the DOT isn’t sure.

Meanwhile, in Tennessee the anti-bike sentiment seems to be running a little meaner. Under the guise of getting the roads fix for cars a state senator proposed a law that would make it illegal to use transportation funds for bicycle and pedestrian purposes. My theory is that the senator lost a female companion to a cyclist and is seeking revenge.

Up the river in Chicago they are taking some of their lanes to the next level. The saying, “fences make good neighbors” related well to separated bike lanes. It makes the bikes safe from the marauding motorists and mostly keep the slow poke bikes from blocking the speeders. A great solution if your street are wide enough.

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