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Yes America, bikes are transportation

transportationBicycles are not just toys. Many, if not most, are used for transportation.

That doesn’t seem like there’s any room for argument, but many motorists simply can’t see past their car-centric upbringing. Transportation is highways and trains and big expensive machines. Slowly, this attitude is eroding.

One of the most audacious attempts to change this attitude is Cal Bike’s proposal for government rebates for buy utilitarian bicycles. The rebates are intended for lower-income people with the premise that buying a bike with a rebate is better than buying a car. I love the idea but I have no idea who or how it would be financed.

It may seem anachronistic but when I’m traveling online maps are my last resort. Mostly I just like getting lost and wandering, but if needed I have a pile of maps in my bike bag. Apparently I’m not the only one. Ride Illinois has created a bike map of the quad cities. If don’t know where the quad cities are, well, then you don’t need the map.

It’s not just America that’s dealing with the bikes as transportation issue. The New York times has an article about women riding bikes in the Gaza strip. Now that’s some motivated cycling.

One of the potential advantages traveling by bike is the opportunity to use mass transit to overcome obstacles of landscape and space. A great example I never expected is happening in Buffalo, a bike ferry.

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