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bike lanes in the newsLots of bike lanes in the news this week.

Fort Collins Colorado is one of THE bicycling cities in America but as this article in The Coloradoan shows, it’s not always easy to maintain that idea.

The city, or at least some people in the city, are trying to convert existing lanes into protected lanes. Us greedy little cyclists aren’t satisfied with a place to ride. Now we want a safe place to ride.

Fort Collins isn’t alone. As The Gothamist points out, the same argument is happening in Astoria, Queens. Here the arguments against are all driver-driven. Some complain about the potential for slower traffic and others complain about having to drive on another block, a whole 10th of a mile away.

The irony of this case is that the plan was created in part to make it safer for pedestrians who currently share a path with cyclists. Remember fellow cyclists; bike is to pedestrian is as car is to bike.

Over in Brooklyn a similar thing is happening, only this time the motorists are losing some parking and travel space. Currently the bikes here are sharing the roads with cars but apparently not everyone plays nice.

Out west in the Twin Cities, new bike lanes and car parking are costing the city a quarter million dollars. Actually that’s $50,000 for the bike lanes and $200,000 to create parking for the whiny motorists.

One of the things that amaze me that anti-cyclists won’t learn that cycling infrastructure costs a whole lot less than motorist infrastructure.

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