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Bicyling is Sharing

bicycling is sharingBicycling is sharing is the kind of phrase the shrinks the testicles of spray-tanned pseudo-conservatives.

While bike sharing schemes seem like a communist trick to take our private property away, in America it is becoming big business. However some places are still working out the kinks.

In Seattle, which one would expect to embrace bike sharing, the local scheme isn’t doing so well. Reading about the history and current state of bike sharing in Seattle is pretty much the same as figuring out how your favorite actor wound up in such a bad movie.

In Fort Collins Colorado, the bike capital of the east of the west coast west, is expanding and transforming it’s single location bike library to a multiple location enterprise with the assistance of one of the countries most successful commercial vendors. I only hope they keep the name bike library. It’s so small townie.

Just across the four corners in New Mexico they are also planning to have bike sharing in Santa Fe, but there is some argument whether or not low income people should be allowed to use the system.

Across the country there are ever more bike sharing cities. One sharer in New York seems to have taken across the country a bit too literally. He checked out a Citibike in New York City and rode it to Los Angeles. An act which has sent the bike share lawyers running to check their small print.

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