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School to Bike

school to bikeFirst there was bike to school, now there is school to bike.

When I was young if my bike was broken I had to wait till my father got around to having one of his mechanical friends fix it.

When I got a little older I was aimed at working towards getting into college. So shop classes were verboten. Though I doubt they were to heavy into bike repair.

With the bike boom and changing attitudes bike mechanics is becoming more the educational norm. In Cincinnati they are teaching middle-schoolers bike repair, though the emphasis is more on the science of the machine rather than bike shop job training.

For older learners with more complete, from scratch, bike-building ambitions there are how-to-build a bike workshops. Many use standard bike parts but allow the students to build the frame from raw materials. The bamboo-framed bike workshops are of particular interest to eco-hipsters, Gilligan’s Island fans and hopeful apocalypse survivors.

You can’t discuss bike building these days without including the miracle of 3d printing. A group of Dutch students have 3d printed a stainless steel bike frame that is beyond beautiful. Though as the guys on GCN point out, it might be difficult to keep clean.

The only problem I can see with all this is that having a generation of people intimate with the ground-up of bike construction there are bound to occur more and more frankenbikes.  And with people creating their own monster bikes, will there be any need for manufactured bikes? Bike shops? Will this be the DIY version of the shoe event horizon?

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