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Building bike lanes

building bike lanesAt the far end of last post’s Schoolhouse Rock Video is: building bike lanes.

The first and most ironical example is in New York on Amsterdam Ave. Of course Amsterdam is THE cycling city and New York was once New Amsterdam, so it seems only right that Amsterdam ave. has bike lanes.

Meanwhile on the other side of the country; The Seattle Times reports on a wonderful bit of sensiblity. In order to solve some engineering problems building bike lanes on a bridge, a private prep school is donating land to allow a simpler and safer ramp to be built.

Back in the middle of country bike advocates are proposing 10 miles of off-road bike trails. This project isn’t that far along but it centers around the town of Walhalla and I can’t stop imagining a hoard of Vikings on mountain bikes storming into small town America on well-groomed trails.

Finally back home in San Francisco, and also just in proposal, but the story mentions building the lanes so it counts. The holy grail of local cycling is under real consideration. Finding a way across the bay. Someday, but probably not too soon, we may be able to ride our bikes across the bridges to Oakland. What we do when we get there hasn’t been decided yet.

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