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A fat stormtrooper bike on eBay

stormtrooper bikeThe fat stormtrooper bike has become an instant collector item.

Oddly the all black Darth Vader version hasn’t gotten any interest.

It’s weird to see a bike at Walmart selling for $250 and a few weeks later selling, yes selling, on eBay for $500 – $600. I’m not saying it’s not a cool bike because it is. It’s just that you can get pretty much the same bike, without the special paint and decals, for under $200.

I guess I’m just not enough of a Star Wars geek. Also, since all my riding is on the streets of San Francisco, I don’t have much use for a fat bike.

This seller however is bucking the price-gouging trend having no reserve and no buy-it-now. With 5 days to go the current bid is an even $100.

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