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A cute little bike with something special

something special bikeThat something special is license plate “Susan” from the 68 World’s Fair.

Not that this bike really needs something special. The fact that the Sears logo and the coaster brake graphics are so readable is great.

The bike itself is way cute. It screams “Ride Me!” I wish I had a young relative named Susan I could buy this bike for. It looks like some oil and cleaning would be all it needs.

I’ve fixed up many little bikes and the coaster brake is the only real worry. You don’t want to see the young one zooming into traffic vigorously peddling backwards screaming, “It won’t stop!”

I usually only post bikes that are up at auction. This one is just buy-it-now, but they only want $75 which considering the condition and specialness is reasonable.

Unfortunately, being Susanless and nowhere near Deleware I need to pass on this one.

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