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When all else fails – there will be bikes

The apocalypse may wipe out cars, electricity and society in general but rest assured, there will be bikes.

there will be bikes

Photo by Ralf Roletschek /

The recent blizzard created some surreal moments. There was a travel ban in NYC, but that ban only applied to motor vehicles, not to bikes.

So who would ride their bike in a blizzard? Turns out, lots of people.

The New York Times website posted an article showing the dark snow-covered streets full of bikes.

While some of the bikes pictured are just ordinary bikes many were the recently popular fat bikes. These are bikes, as you might imagine, with great big tires which allow a much more stable ride in soft surfaces like show and sand.

When I was young back in New England winter meant a and to cycling. These days this is much less the case. Stubborn bike commuters are braving the cold to retain their freedom from schedules and fossil fuels.

And now it’s not just commuters. Recently in Fairbanks Alaska the first winter bike stage race was held. The Tour de France it was not, but the racers were no less amazing.

All this got me thinking about the end of the world. (I often take thoughts to severely overblown tangents.) With societies infrastructures in ruins how will people move about? Bikes!

No need for gas stations. The mechanics are simple enough to do your self. Just remember when you’re looting the Walmart to pick up some spare tubes and WD-40.

And who will be the kings and queens of cycledom? Fat Bikes!


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