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Hoverboards in Bike Lanes

California Law Puts Hoverboards in Bike Lanes

Bicycling, 1/12/16

hoverboardsObstacles in bike lanes are nothing new. Parked cars, runners, skateboarders, oversized storm drains—sometimes navigating your city can feel like being stuck on the hardest level of the old-school Nintendo game “Paperboy.”

Cyclists in California can look forward to facing yet another obstacle in their precious lane space: hoverboards. A new statewide law went into place January 1 banning the use of the misleadingly named gizmos (no, they don’t actually hover) on sidewalks and sequestering them into the bike lane.

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I love how the Bicycling Magazine article complains about hoverboards littering the bike lanes. Would it be better if they were on the sidewalks or streets?

This is one of the problems we have here in San Francisco, especially where I ride in Golden Gate Park. I’ve often seen cyclists yelling at roller skaters, skate boarders and most recently, hoverboarders, telling them they aren’t allowed in the “bike” lane.

This is of course not true. The name is unfortunate because the lane isn’t just for bicycles. It is for all human-powered vehicles and, according to California law, low-powered electric vehicles.

Can’t we all just get a long?

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