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Idaho Stop in Albuquerque

Allowing “the Idaho stop” for Santa Fe bicyclists debated, delayed

Idaho Stop

A proposal to change the Santa Fe traffic code to allow bicyclists to treat stop signs like yield signs was postponed by the City Council’s Public Works Committee on Monday amid concerns of some members that the law would make intersections less safe.

City Councilor Patti Bushee, who is sponsoring the proposal, said the law would apply only when there are no other vehicles at an intersection and “there’s no need to yield the right of way,” she said.

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I love the idea of allowing cyclists to treat stop signs as yield signs. In reality it scares me to death.

I see so many of my fellow cyclists here in San Francisco already ignoring stop signs. Not treating them as yield signs but acting as if the signs didn’t exist. At the same time assuming that cars and pedestrians will obey the signs and stay out of the cyclist’s way.

I would suggest that if the law is changed in New Mexico the police should heavily enforce the “yield” part. Of course that will lead to the two-wheeled entitled among us to whine about harassment, but tough shit.

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