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Chief Bicycle Officer – not a job I’d want

Atlanta’s First Chief Bicycle Officer Is Going to Have a Busy Year

Next City, 1/11/16

Atlanta Chief Bicycle OfficerAtlanta is going to be busy pedaling this year. The clock is ticking on Mayor Kasim Reed’s 2016 deadline to make the city one of America’s most bicycle-friendly places.

Bikeability in the car-centric city has improved dramatically in the last three years. Atlanta’s Bike Score jumped from 43 to 50, earning it an official “Bikeable” moniker. Preservationist/cyclist Nedra Deadwyler launched Civil Bikes, offering bike tours designed to spark conversations about equity and accessibility in the city.

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I’ve only been to Atlanta once but even in a car the traffic was terrifying. It’s surrounded and intersected by highways so bad that they actually have “accident lanes.” Like a breakdown lane but with more impact.

The part of this story that cracks me up is the fact that a deadline was created for progress and people are upset that it wasn’t met. That’s kind of like complaining when you lose money betting on a toddler race.

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