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Bizarre Bamboo Bike on eBay

bizarre bamboo bike

Most bamboo bikes mirror metal bikes fairly closely but this bizarre bamboo bike creates its own unique aesthetic.

The basic shape of a normal bike is two triangles. This bike has five. Most bikes have their pieces connected by welds or at least nuts and bolts. This bike uses wicker strapping.

Then we have the steering, which in addition to the normal headset up by the handlebars has a pivoting connection of some sort down by the wheel. The good part is that the stress of holding the front wheel in place is distributed. The bad part is, I don’t know. I guess I’m assuming that if this setup worked it would have been done already.

My favorite part of the bike is its seat. Ignoring all the science and time-tested tradition of having a fixed seat atop a torque arm, AKA seat post, the build has chosen a hammock-like seat. It actually looks comfortable but any effort put into peddling would create a viscous side-to-side weight shift.

With three and a half days to go nobody has gone for the $375 opening bid, which seems rather high for something more likely to be used as kitchy art rather than a working bicycle.

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