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Bicycle Tourism, in Cleveland?

Proposed bicycle route could stoke local tourism

The Cleveland Daily Banner, 1/8/16

tourismIf U.S. Bicycle Route 21 receives official status, bicycle tourism could be coming to Cleveland from as far away as Lexington, Ky., and Atlanta.

The proposed route would run from Atlanta to Kentucky with about 241 miles of the route in Tennessee. There are 42 miles of the route within Bradley and McMinn counties. In Cleveland, 19 miles of existing roads and the Cleveland/Bradley County Greenway are used to guide cyclists from McDonald Road through downtown to Sequoia Road.

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Another project that has more hope than reality. I wish them well.

Unlike the German bikebahn U.S. Bike routes do not depend on trails built for bikes alone. These routes are mostly made up of regular roads with some accommodation for bikes. Sometimes just a well-kept shoulder. Not perfect, but it’s several steps in the right direction.

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