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Mass Bicycle Laws Changing?

Mass. Lawmakers Weigh Changes To Bicycle Laws

CBS Boston, 1/2/16

bike lawsBills aimed at helping protect bicyclists are a focus of the first public hearing of the year at the Massachusetts Statehouse on Wednesday before the Legislature’s Transportation Committee.

Richard Fries, executive director of bicycling advocacy group MassBike, says the group is hoping to hear testimony from “the families and friends of victims whose lives and limbs may have been spared if these laws had been in place.”

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Not much new here, but an attempt to formalize some of the more common sense laws; Side guards on trucks, no parking in bike lanes and three foot passing rules. All good ideas.

One thing I’ve noticed in bike/car safety articles is how they talk about how cycling can be dangerous. That’s not technically true. If there were no cars or trucks cycling would be virtually risk free. (Except for the occasional idiot on wheels who doesn’t respect pedestrians and others.)

Unfortunately there are more cars and trucks on the roads than bikes so we’re going to have to put up with them for now.

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