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Bicycle playground – I love it

bicycle playgroundScout plans to open bicycle playground for Eagle project

Mt. Juliet may soon have a unique European-style bicycle playground because of the vision, determination and fortitude of a local boy scout.

It’s go big or go home for Mt. Juliet High School junior John Forth tackling his Eagle Scout project.

At the last Mt. Juliet city commission meeting, after Forth detailed his project for them, commissioners granted a small portion of city-owned land for Forth’s bicycle playground project.

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OK this kid has a future. A junior in high school and he’s brokering land deals with the government. Duty now for the future.

Aside from that, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a bicycle playground.  Wikipedia doesn’t even have a page for this.

It’s great though, giving little kids a safe place to ride away from cars and inattentive adult cyclists. Throw the toddler bikes in the trunk and away we go. Also a great way to socialize cycling at a very early age.

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