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Accessory Bike on eBay

accessory bikeNo name fits like: Accessory Bike

I am ashamed to admit that I would have bet that you couldn’t hang that many bits and pieces on such a small kids bike.

The integrated rack and training wheels should earn the builder a Nobel Prize in mechleverness.

That brake lever sticking straight up in the air may not be the safest arrangement but it looks cool and must be a blast to use. And if all else fails the coaster brake seems to be intact.

Then there are those handlebars. So misplaced yet the application yields perfection.

Topping it all off, that last little bit of spice, the yellow chain. That may be stock, but it is oh so nice.

I’ve customized a couple toddler bikes but I am humbled by little machine.

So if you have a cool kid who needs a cool bike and you live in Minnesota, this may be the bike.

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