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Germany Building Bikebahn?

All cyclists dream of the bikebahn. But is it for real?

Never has such a short bike trail generated so much press. Everyone from the bike news world to mainstream media are writing about the proposed 100KM bike trail across western Germany. Unfortunately many of the media outlets mostly just published the press release from the people who want the trail built, ignoring the part about how there is no guarantee that any of it will be built.

I included the link above because they do a nice analysis of this and similar projects from around the world.

I can’t really criticize the small bike blogs for jumping blindly on this story. It was my first instinct. This is the kind of story we always dream of. The concept of intercity car-free trails is the holy grail of wanderlusting cyclists.

I think most car and truck drivers dream of getting bikes off the road as well. The problem there is that if they build us bike paths the drivers will expect us to use it even if it’s way out the way. And out of the way for a bike is much shorter a distance than for a car.

So while the German bikebahn still has many hurdles to hurdle, we are all sending our good vibes for its completion and success.

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