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Non-standard Standard bike on eBay

standard bikeThis is what I would call a non-standard Standard bike.

I’m always afraid when I talk about bikes like this that people will think I’m being critical or accusing the seller of some dishonesty. Neither is true. In fact I have no interest in ancient bikes that have survived a hundred or more years with all their parts intact and restored to better-than-new. It means they were never used as real bikes.

This bike however has definite evidence of use, age and fixes. The most obvious is the chain ring which is obviously a repetition of the letter “H.” Why would a Standard have an H in its chain ring? It wouldn’t. The chain ring in fact comes from a Hercules. A British make of the same vintage as the Standard.

The Lobdell wheels are from the 1940’s and by all description are of high quality.

I can’t begin to imagine where those glorious handlebars came from.

So what we have is not an all original bike, but a representative of the history of bikes and their components used across many decades for probably a multitude of riders, and isn’t that better than some shiny museum piece?

With four days to go nobody has gone for the $150 opening bid. To the right person it’s easily worth that much. Unfortunately, I’m not the right person for that price.

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