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Nobel Bike Prize and other fantasies

Bicycle ‘should win Nobel Peace Prize’

BBC, 12/12/15
nobel bike prizeThe Nobel Peace Prize 2016 should go to the bicycle – at least that is what two presenters on Italian state radio believe, and they have started a petition to push for it. The popular Caterpillar programme on Italy’s Rai 2 network is gathering signatures to present to the Norwegian Nobel Committee in February.
(I prefer the phrase Nobel Bike Prize. – Tom)

Bicycling tourists are older, wealthier, in demand

My San Antonio, 12/11/15
Touring cyclists, who tend to be older and wealthier, are especially valuable to a state’s economic health. They stay in smaller towns and support locally owned bed-and-breakfasts, motels, cafes, craft breweries and shops. Other tourists tend to patronize national chains, economic analyses have found.

Thousands of bicycle riders honor Thai king in Bangkok

DW, 12/11/15
Thailand’s crown prince has led a mass cycle event through Bangkok in honor of his father, the ailing King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The “Bike for Dad” celebration comes amid a crackdown against critics of the monarchy.

42-mile Cincinnati urban bike loop proposed

Biz Journal, 12/16/15
A coalition of bicycle groups today will lay out a plan for an ambitious 42-mile urban loop throughout the city of Cincinnati that would connect 32 city neighborhoods and create a new, alternative transportation system.

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