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Pipe Dream Bike on eBay

pipe bikeThis is by far the coolest pipe bike ever.

OK, so it’s the only pipe bike I’ve ever seen, but that’s not the only reason it’s the coolest.

Though I do hope that there was a seat, probably an office chair, sitting upon that seat post. Otherwise the rider might be the recipient of an unexpected iron enema.

I love the fact that the handlebar and seat heights are both adjustable. In fact, looking at the elegant curve of the main pipe, it seems that the builder was a talented engineer. It seems that the repurposed pedal car or industrial cart wheels are the only things originally vehicular.

While this a fine object, I’m not sure it’s worth the asked $150 opening bid. Not to mention another $150 for shipping. This is a rare case where uniqueness does more harm then good to its value. After all, it isn’t a real bike and was probably rarely used as such even when new.

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