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Misassembled Swiss Army Bike on eBay

misassembled bikeMisassembled, discombobulated, messed up; whatever you call it this bike needs a new and caring home.

The thing is though, it looks like nearly all the parts are there. While the rear wheel looks improperly attached to the frame, mostly because it is, the correct stays are there, leaning against the bike.

And remember, this is a so-call Swiss Army Bike. I don’t know if that’s an official title but a quick view of the frame reveals that this was meant to be taken apart and reassembled quickly in the field. So while the parts aren’t currently in the right order it shouldn’t take a mater mechanic to put things right.

Even with the $100 shipping the unmet starting bid of $150 is quite reasonable. If the seller used the more common phrase, paratrooper bike, and did a better job of assembly, I imagine the current bid would be much higher.

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