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Bicycle bones on eBay

bicycle bonesSeriously, this looks like it should be on a table surrounded by people in surgical masks on a TV show called BICYCLE BONES.

Given enough time, effort and millions of dollars of hi-tech equipment that only exists in the minds writers, the tragic demise of this bike could be traced back to when last it rolled down the lane.

Decomposition aside I can’t help but fall in love with those handlebars. I’m ignorant enough to be surprised by their construction. I guess I’m so used to how things are built now I assumed that they were always built that way. Silly me.

With just under 7 days to go the current bid is $3.25. Unfortunately the shipping is over $150 so unless you live in Michigan it might not be worth it. The other problem is that rather than list the bike as an unknown make, the seller lists several potential makes in the title. That turns off many potential buyers.

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