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What Happens When Amsterdam Maxes Out Its Bicycle Parking Spots? It Builds 40,000 More

Good, 11/23/15
bicycle parking mandatoryIn a city where it’s estimated there are more bikes (881,000) than people (811,000), and where cycling is believed to account for 40 percent of all traffic, infrastructure challenges are bound to arise. It’s no surprise, then, that Amsterdam has, for years, been struggling with the problem of bicycle overcrowding. There are, in many ways, more bikes in the city than the city has space for—particularly when it comes to finding a place to park. So what does a city like Amsterdam do in the face of a potential bike-pocalypse? It doubles down.

Bicycle lanes in LA’s mobility plan might be removed, planners say

Los Angeles Daily News, 11/25/15
Bicycle lanes proposed as part of Los Angeles’ recently adopted, long-range mobility plan could be nixed under proposed changes that planning officials say will be taken up by city policymakers early next year.

The bicycle may have triumphed over the car but it’s far from perfect

The Spectator, 11/28/15
Cycle Revolution is the very last exhibition at the original Design Museum in Butler’s Wharf before it moves ambitiously, perhaps overambitiously, to new premises in a repurposed Commonwealth Institute in Kensington. So there is something both autumnal and prospectus-like about it as an event. In this way, it provides an interesting opportunity to wonder about both the nature of design exhibitions in general and the status of the bicycle in particular.

Downtown Kansas City to add bicycle boxes to help keep cyclists safe

KHSB, 11/25/15
In downtown Kansas City, you might notice some new paint on the street near 11th and Main – paint that’s bright and green. It’s called a bicycle box, and it’s the first of its kind in the Kansas City area.

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