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Surrealist Walker

Surrealist WalkerIs it cute? Or is it creepy?

Most walker bikes are made to resemble animals or some kind of vehicle. This surrealist walker looks like nothing but itself. I’m not sure if the demonic smiley face is by design or an accident of functionality.

It’s funny because what attracts me to this little machine is exactly what makes it almost useless as a ride-on toy; those caster wheels. The first few moments a child sits on it would be a joy to behold as the kick their legs and twirl around the room.

Then, very quickly, the child will become frustrated because the toy will prove almost impossible to aim or maintain direction. Then they fail to make it across the carpet or keep it on the sidewalk. Soon it will be sitting in a corner collecting dust and eventually the parents will wind up selling it on eBay as “barely used.”


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