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Clown bikes can be as scary as clowns

Clown Bike, Tall Bike, you decide.

Clown BikeThe seller calls it a clown bike but I prefer to think of it as the world’s shortest tall bike.

Though there are many similarities between clowns and tall bike riders. Both are in desperate need of attention that they are unable to obtain and any normal means.

Both are usually described by proper southern ladies with the phrase, “oh bless your heart.” Which translates into courser vernaculars as, “what are you, stupid?”

And finally, both would be institutionalized if they lived in less lenient societies.

But, the bike. It is a nice bit of engineering. It looks like it could hold quite a bit of weight, be great at wheelies, and not be all that uncomfortable. The fender over the rear wheel is a nice touch, giving it a connection to the real world.

However, all that does not seem to justify theĀ $263.96 opening bid. While that may be a fraction of what it cost in time and labor, I don’t think it translates into real-world value.


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