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cyclist-blamingFive Cyclist-Blaming Headlines—And How to Reframe Them

Bicycling, 11/11/15
Follow enough bike news, and it won’t take long for you to notice a few concerning patterns in headlines about bike crashes. The word “accident” appears even when the driver is clearly at fault. A cyclist’s clothing or helmet choice is mentioned—though the driver’s DUI only appears in paragraph three. And then there’s the constant “car hits cyclist” refrain, which cloaks the fact that a human being was even at the wheel.

UCI co-funded research quantifies potential savings of a worldwide cycling culture

UCI, 11/12/15
The huge potential for cycling as a form of transport has been revealed thanks to research funded by the UCI. Getting more people cycling rather than driving could save up to 10% of global urban transport emissions of carbon dioxide and up to $25 trillion in the cost of infrastructure by 2050, the report found. UCI joined the European Cyclists’ Federation and the Bicycle Product Suppliers Association in commissioning the project, written by the University of California, Davis and the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy.

How to reduce traffic congestion? Provide more walking, cycling areas

ABS-CBN News, 11/13/15
To solve Metro Manila’s traffic problems, an engineering professor is proposing simpler tasks like providing a suitable environment for walking and cycling. University of the Philippines (UP) Engineering Professor Jose Regin Regidor said the country definitely needs to build a mass transit system to ease congestion in the roads. Doing that, however, will take time, so the government must start with simpler solutions.

From Rotterdam to Tokyo: the world’s most hi-tech cycle parks

The Guardian, 11/14/15
For all those cyclists who leave their bike at the station only to spend the rest of the day worrying it will be stolen or vandalised, there may be hope in the form of a German-designed tower. “When you get to a train station these days, you see 150 metres of bikes. We need much more compact solutions,” says Nick Child, managing director of Cardok, which will distribute the Radhaus tower in Britain. (Radhaus is a pun on the German word Rad, which means bicycle, and Rathaus, which means city hall.) “We need much more compact solutions.”

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