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tricycleBike Theft Preventing Registry Now Available Globally

Bike Europe, 10/27/15
The bicycle registry is available at where the brand, model and frame number of a two-wheeler are required for the registration. With 3.5 million bicycles stolen in Europe every year (six bicycles per minute), the registry fills a long-time need of identifying bike-owners of stolen two-wheelers. By registering, bicycle owners can now increase the chance that their stolen bicycle be returned to them. Since launching the Bike-ID registry as a pilot project in Estonia in April 2015, the website has already acquired over 5,500 registrations.

One of the hottest things in cycling right now is riding your bike someplace far and then taking the train home

Business Insider, 11/2/15
With an assist from the train, multimodal cycling lets riders go out farther since they don’t have to pedal back. And while it’s hardly a new thing to take your bike on a train — multimodal commuters have been doing it for ages — many road cyclists we know are doing more big one-way rides like this, with several using apps like Strava and RideWithGPS to help them find new routes and plan distant outings that normally might be out of reach.

Pumpkins protect Harbord cyclists where City fails them

I Bike To, 10/31/15
The pumpkins only work on the side where the bike lane is adjacent to the sidewalk. The other side has cars parked between them, which means the cars have to cross the bike lane. That’s rather unfortunate but even here it might have been possible to switch the two, but the TTC was opposed to the idea because they want to be able to speed along with their buses without having to worry about drivers getting out of their parked cars.

Cambridgeshire police’s innovative scheme to encourage cyclists to use lights

Cycling Weekly, 11/3/15
Cyclists in Cambridgeshire who are caught riding in the dark without lights by police are being given a week to buy lights rather than being issued with an on-the-spot £30 fine. The Lights Instead of Tickets (LIT) scheme aims to encourage cyclists to buy a set of lights rather than simply fining them on the spot.



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