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Cyclists Are Working-Class (and other stories)

Man on bikeMost Cyclists Are Working-Class Immigrants, Not Hipsters

Governing, 10/26/15
Everywhere he goes, he says, he sees a particular type of cyclist: a working-class person – usually a minority and often a recent immigrant – riding to work on whatever type of bike he can get his hands on. Those cyclists are men and women for whom biking isn’t an environmental cause or a response to an urban trend but a means of transportation that’s cheaper than a car and faster than walking.

Lyrical Engravings of Cyclists’ Adventures During The Sport’s Earliest Days

Slate, 10/28/15
In a new book, Old Wheelways: Traces of Bicycle History on the Land, historian Robert L. McCullough writes about cyclists’ explorations of the American landscape in the late 19th century. The book is filled with engravings that originally appeared in cycling publications like The Wheelman and Outing, cataloging the social world of bicycle enthusiasts, along with the landscapes and infrastructure that adventuresome cyclists observed on their treks through countrysides and cities.

“Pedal Zombies” Is The Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction You Didn’t Know You Needed

AutoStraddle, 10/30/15
Pedal Zombies is a collection of 13 feminist bicycle science fiction stories. Yes, you read that correctly: feminist bicycle science fiction stories. In the book’s introduction, editor Elly Blue grandly sets the stage…

Ride The Revolution – The Inside Stories From Women In Cycling

Road CC, 11/1/15
I was expecting (and hoping) that the book would offer something similar to the well-respected Cycling Anthology series, but I think it actually offers an even greater variety of story and contributor. As you might expect, there are chapters from current and past riders, but also from journalists, presenters, commentators, bloggers, photographers, race organisers, team mechanics, the ‘industry’, and a team chef.

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