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High-tech ride-on

hi-tech ride-on

Never have I seen such a combination of low and high technology combined in a single Human Powered Vehicle (HPV)(AKA: ride-on ). The main structure is a simple hunk of wood carved to fit a child’s swinging legs, and worn to a fine finish by those very legs.

However, where the running gear of such an HPV would normally be as simple and wooden, we find a collection of innovations. Dual front wheels with fenders all around. Some kind of parental brake, a parking brake and what appears to be a tensioner to prevent runaway kids and/or build up their little muscles.

My first though was that the wood wasn’t the original body, but despite the disparity of material everything looks like it belongs together.

Given the weirdness I can understand the $99 opening bid request, but the shipping is listed at $159.87 seems rather over the top for this little toy.

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