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Bike parking mandatory (and other news)

Plan to make bike parking mandatory in new buildings
bicycle parking mandatoryThe Times, 10/23/15
Seeing bicycles stranded on tower block balconies or chained to lampposts could become a thing of the past under plans from Sadiq Khan to block planning permission for new homes and offices in London unless cycle parking is built in.

Why cycling makes us happy: the positive psychology of being on the bike
Cycling Tips, 10/24/15
The science of positive psychology investigates what makes life most worth living. Cycling seems to possess an array of attributes that boost happiness in ways that few other sports can claim. While many other sports may possess a small handful of these attributes, it seems that cycling may be one of very few that has them all.

Pedestrians can sue if hit by cyclist, South Australian Transport Minister says as new laws are introduced
ABC, 10/25/15
As South Australians get used to new cycling laws that take effect this week, Transport Minister Stephen Mullighan has warned riders they must give way to pedestrians, and drivers must give way to cyclists.

The real worst cycling inventions
Accidento Bizzaro, 10/27/15
Cycling Weekly’s Worst Cycling Inventions were all a bit foreign to me. My cycling’s firmly at the ‘enthusiastic but a bit rubbish’ end of the spectrum, so I’ve felt no need for Spinaci bar extensions or Spinergy wheels (although my first commuter bike did feature Biopace rings; it’s nice to think there’s a reason I was so slow). However, cycling is RIFE with other rubbish things. Here’s my list of the REAL worst cycling inventions

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