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Cycling meant freedom as a girl, now it means street harassment for me

The News Minute, 10/5/15

I recently acquired a brand new, red, semi-expensive bicycle. A lot of my fondest childhood memories revolve around my BSA SLR cycle. My father had taught me how to ride it when I was seven years old. Since we lived most of my growing up years in small towns and cities, I always had quiet, safe streets to ride my cycle.

The story of “ghost bikes”: How a bike memorial in St. Louis sparked a global movement

Grist, 10/7/15
You’ve probably seen a ghost bike. Maybe its skeletal white frame, locked to a street sign on a busy corner, blended into the madness of a hustling urban backdrop. Or perhaps the makeshift memorial emanated its phantomly presence chained to a single lamppost along a lonely country highway. No matter the location, ghost bikes turn an indiscriminate patch of road into a solemn reminder: A cyclist was killed here.

Salt Lake City Cuts Car Parking, Adds Bike Lanes, Sees Retail Boost

Streetsblog USA, 10/6/15
Protected bike lanes require space on the street, and removing curbside auto parking is one of several ways to find it. But whenever cities propose parking removal, retailers understandably worry. A growing body of evidence suggests that if bike lanes and parking removal contribute to a street with calmer traffic and a better pedestrian environment, everybody can win.

California governor signs law modernizing electric bike regulations

Bicycle Retailer, 10/8/15
California Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday signed into law a bill that modernizes e-bike regulations and ensures that they are treated like traditional bicycles instead of mopeds. The law, which becomes effective Jan. 1, creates three classes of e-bikes. Class 1 consists of pedal-assist bikes and Class 2 of bikes with throttles. Both are limited to motor-assisted speeds of 20 miles an hour.

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