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How to Register Your Bicycle in Japan

Japan Info, 9/29/15
When riding a bicycle in a big Japanese city like Tokyo, you need to register your bicycle. Yes, that’s right, you have to treat it like a car in order to be in accordance with the law. But no need to panic, the registration process is a piece of cake.

New Phoenix signs warn wrong-way bicycle riders

KPHO. 9/30/15
While it’s not illegal to ride your bike against traffic on a sidewalk in the city of Phoenix, traffic engineer Kerry Wilcoxon says it’s not always safe. But, an even bigger safety concern is people who ride against traffic on city streets, which violates state law.

For D.C. Second-Graders, It’s All About The Bikes

NPR, 10/3/15
Decked out in blue helmets, hair nets (for lice protection) and bright orange mesh vests, their eyes shift impatiently between their phys-ed teacher and the racks of shiny new BMX bikes behind him.

Fighting Resistance, a Mayor Strives to Ease Gridlock in a Brazilian Megacity

NY Times, 10/4/15
The mayor, Fernando Haddad, a 52-year-old scholar with a doctorate in philosophy, has carried out the equivalent of urban shock treatment in an effort to ease São Paulo’s congestion. His efforts have unleashed a fierce debate over mobility, the use of public spaces and the limits of political power in a metropolitan area with 20 million people.



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