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Beautiful women’s bike on eBay

Beautiful women's bike

Many, if not most, women’s bikes seem to be afterthought versions on men’s bikes. This ironicly named Monark Silver King is an outstanding exception. The lugs and the tubes are sculpted wonderfully. It’s interesting that the tubes and lugs are made from differing metals as the color is different in pictures of not just this example, but all examples I find on the web.

I’m also pleasantly surprised that the didn’t soften the drivetrain design. The men’s and women’s share the spinning sun chain ring and lightening-holed chain guard. Though I haven’t seen any men’s examples with skirt guards on the rear wheels.

There is an informative article on The Classic & Antique Bicycle Exchange website. The details on the women’s frames are towards the bottom.

Monark is a company that never built a boring bike. They used odd materials and configurations throughout their seemingly short existence. This oddity may be one of these reasons that the current bid, with 3.5 days to go, is only $81. (Surely the low bid isn’t just because it’s a women’s bike.)


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