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TTC Installs Bicycle Repair Facilities at 10 Subway Stations

Josh Colle, 9/29/15
TTC customers are now able to make minor repairs to their bicycles at select subway stations making it more convenient to complete the first mile/last mile of their trip. TTC Chair Josh Colle unveiled the new self-service bicycle repair stop at Davisville Station, additional stands will be located at 10 subway stations across the system. The pilot program will allow customers to complete minor bicycle repairs while commuting in Toronto.

Architect imagines a neighborhood and a whole new building type designed around bikes

Tree Hugger, 9/29/15
Copenhagen brands itself as a “city of cyclists”, but has no building stock to reflect this. The centre has buildings designed for an age when everyone walked and the suburbs have houses to drive to, while designers of redevelopment districts assume that people would rather take trains to the city. In other words, their bicycle planning stops at the curb.

Lack of transport retailers a barrier to everyday biking in Vancouver

Vancity Buzz, 9/29/15
While many reasons have been given for that falloff, we firmly believe the theory that most manufacturers and retailers are selling “the wrong bikes for the wrong reason.” Nowhere is that more apparent than here in Vancouver, where manufacturers, retailers, advocates, and city officials continue to conflate the worlds of sport and transportation cycling, to the distinct detriment of the latter.

Jackson County, ATA to buy rail corridor to connect with Katy Trail

Kansas City Star, 9/30/15
A decades-old dream of connecting Kansas City with Missouri’s cross-state Katy Trail gained major momentum Wednesday when Jackson County and the area’s transit agency announced the purchase of a rail corridor from Lee’s Summit to near the Truman Sports Complex.


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