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The tractor of limitless potential


What couldn’t this tractor be?

There are some machines that are missing parts which lessen the value of that machine. This little tractor though seems to be missing just the right amount of parts. No longer qualified as a ride-on toy tractor it becomes potentially anything.

It could be a parade float, a garden decoration, a Red Bull event vehicle. It could be ridden by a drunk, a child or even a Shriner. Who knows? Who cares?

When dealing with an old machine like this there is always the inner argument, “Do I restore it or do I customize it.” Generally, the more complete it is, the stronger the argument to restore. However, when the is nothing left but a few usable parts, those parts are often used to restore a like machine.

There is a vague middle ground occupied by machines like this tractor that are too far gone to be good restoration candidates but too complete for cannibalization. The stuff of tinkerer dreams.

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