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Blind Veterans Ride (and other stories)

Visually impaired veterans developing tandem cycling skills

Fox 21 New, 9/22/15
Blind and visually impaired cyclists from across the United States are taking part in a camp at the Olympic Training Center. The United States Association of Blind Athletes is hosting the Tandem Cycling Development Camp. This year, there are 18 cyclists. Eight of them are military veterans. Tuesday, riders went up Gold Camp Road, working on their hill climbing and racing techniques on tandem bikes.

Gaza City workers make rounds by bicycle

The municipality of Gaza — one of the largest in the Gaza Strip — took a new step to address the eight-year-long Israeli siege that greatly affected the work of all service sectors. The municipality’s officials worked for several months to overcome the lack of cars for use during municipal work, and found a solution: bicycles.

2016 Amgen Tour of California women’s race to be part of new UCI Women’s WorldTour

Bicycle Retailer, 9/24/15
The 2016 Amgen Tour of California will stage a 4-day/4-stage women’s race May 19-22. The race will be part of the first-ever UCI Women’s WorldTour, a global series announced this week at the World Championships in Richmond, Va.

The World’s Nuttiest Bike Lane NIMBYs Live in a San Diego Beach Community

StreetsBlog USA, 9/24/15
Think you’ve read about every possible NIMBY objection to bike lanes? Think again. These recent comments from a public meeting in San Diego’s affluent Coronado beach community are definitely, um, different. At the meeting, city leaders were bombarded with objections — not about parking, traffic, or “scofflaws” on bikes, but about the “visual pollution” of painted stripes on the road. There’s just something about a bike lane stripe that aesthetically revolts these people in a way that, say, a dashed yellow center stripe never will.

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