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This bike just broke the world record for fastest human-powered vehicle

The Verge, 9/18/15
What’s the fastest you’ve ever gone on a bicycle? Maybe 20, close to 30 miles per hour on a hill? The AeroVelo team just more than doubled that in their bullet-shaped “speedbike,” reaching a speed of 85.71 miles per hour and breaking the world record for fastest human-powered vehicle at the same time.

It’s not surprising women are nervous cyclists

The Pool, 9/15/15
Something happens to even the most sensible of men when they get anywhere near a bike. As soon as you give them two wheels and a traffic light, they’re Chris Froome, or even Maverick in Top Gun

Detroit’s stature as bicycling hotspot grows with weekly Slow Roll through neighborhoods

Fox News, 9/17/15
“We didn’t invent riding slow. We didn’t invent group bike rides,” said Mike MacKool, co-founder of the nonprofit Detroit Bike City Inc., which trademarked Slow Roll. “But we just struck the right chord at the right time for our city.”

Rural Girls Ride Past Bicycling Taboos In Tajikistan

Radio Free Europe, 9/19/15
Bicycling has traditionally come with its own unique hazards in Tajikistan — especially for girls trying to preserve their innocence or women hoping to find a husband.

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