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Bike News Review – 9/7/15

Feds to Traffic Engineers: Use Our Money to Build Protected Bike Lanes
StreetsBlog USA – 8/24/15
Last week, the agency released a “clarifying” document that shoots down, on the record, some of the common refrains people hear from their DOT when they ask for safer street designs. This is a good document to print out and take to the next public meeting where you expect a transportation engineer might try the old “my-hands-are-tied” routine.

6 Things to Do Before Sending Your Kids Back to School by Bike
Bicycling – 8/28/15
Before you send your beloved offspring out onto the streets for the first time, there are a few things about bike safety they should know. Here’s how to prepare your kids for back to school season on a bike.

“Share the Road” Signs Are Too Vague, Study Finds
Mental Floss
Vague traffic signs can be dangerous. A new study finds that when signs regarding bicyclists are not clear enough, drivers are less likely to respect the cyclists’ equal right to the road.

New Tool Lets You Request Bicycle Parking And Report Abandoned Bikes
Curbed Chicago – 8/21/2015
If you’re an avid bicyclist, you’ve probably been in a situation where you get to your destination but can’t find an open bike rack to lock up to. However, the city has a new website dedicated specifically for bicycle parking requests.

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