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Does Cycling Need a Breathalyzer Bike Lock?
Bicycling – Aug 11, 2015
The bright yellow, aluminum ‘smart’ lock’s selling point is its ability to sync with a friend or loved one’s phone through an app. When you go to retrieve your bike after a hard night’s partying, you’re tasked with blowing into a Breathalyzer built into the lock before riding off. If your blood alcohol content (BAC) level’s above the legal limit, the lock won’t open, and your partner gets a phone alert. No more keeping visual tabs on each other at the bar!

Transportationist – Aug 15, 2015
Places across the globe are at different points on the spectrum about repurposing roadspace, away from storage of cars, and toward movement of people. We (undoubtedly mis-)apply the Kübler-Ross model of grief felt by the motorist at the forthcoming loss of automobile roadspace for cycling facilities. A similar argument would apply to bus lanes or pedestrian spaces.

This California city just built the country’s first protected intersection for bikes
Vox – Aug 12, 2015
For years, Dutch cities have been building protected intersections: crossings that are designed to reduce the risk of cyclists getting hit by turning cars. Last week, in Davis, California, the very first protected intersection opened for traffic in the US — and it’s gotten positive reviews from locals so far.

Want a stress-free bike ride? In Arlington, there’s a map for that.
Greater Greater Washington – Aug 26, 2015
Arlington has a new map for cyclists that ranks streets by “comfort level.” It illustrates the places where even kids or senior citizens would feel safe biking, helping people to avoid busy or fast roads. It also gives policymakers a tool for making the county’s bike network even better.

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