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Bike News Review – 6/9/14

Industry proposes tariffs be reduced because bikes are green
Bicycle Retailer – 6/9/14
Representatives from the bike industry and the advocacy group PeopleForBikes are proposing the U.S. tariffs on imported bikes be reduced or eliminated because bikes have a positive effect on the environment. The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative held a hearing last week to hear from business groups prior to World Trade Organization talks about reducing tariffs for environmentally friendly products.

Cycling Legalese: Is Riding Two Abreast Legal?
Urban Velo – 6/9/14
The law as it regards riding single file versus two abreast, a.k.a., riding next to each other, tends to reflect the frustration and sometimes hostility between those who like to use their bikes for transportation and exercise and those who think bikes belong on sidewalks or on limited use paths. In many places in the United States riding two abreast is legal; except when it isn’t.

Maine woman resisted the Nazis on beat-up old bicycle
Portland Press Herald – 6/8/14
With messages hidden in her handlebars, 14-year-old Eugenie Ceklarz slipped past the occupiers of her native France. Now, 70 years after D-Day, her secrets are out.

Fighting S.F.’s mobile bicycle chop shops
SF Examiner – 6/8/14
Huddled against the concrete wall, tools in hands, he and five others are busy on a recent evening breaking down a motley collection of bicycles. It’s been a big day: Around the corner, stashed under an alcove, are 12 or so bicycle frames stripped of seat posts, handlebars and wheels, hung on the racks of a set of metal shelves. A lower shelf contains a collection of bicycle wheels, front and rear, some with tires, others naked.


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