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Bike News Review – 6/2/14

How LA’s Bike Trains Groom New Commuters
Bicycling – 6/2/14
To get more people riding to work in car-centric Los Angeles, clothing designer and bicycle activist Varnado founded a series of free citywide bike trains. A bike train is a scheduled ride to predetermined destinations led by a “conductor” who organizes the group and helps newcomers.

University study evaluates Green Lanes
Bicycle Retailer – 6/2/14
A new Portland State University  research study released Monday examines recently installed protected bike lanes (also called Green Lanes) in five of the six founding PeopleForBikes Green Lane Project cities. Protected bike lanes are on-street lanes separated from traffic by curbs, planters, parked cars or posts. According to PeopleForBikes, there is relatively little academic research available to evaluate their effectiveness.

Resident helps village update its bicycle laws
The Vindicator – 6/2/14
Resident Frank Krygowski prepared an extensive packet for Poland Village Council that led to the repeal of all village ordinances related to bicycles in favor of state laws.

Downey seeks to replace outdated bicycle laws
LA Wave – 5/30/14
After promoting bicycle riding for healthy exercise during the past couple of years, 50-year-old laws which require bicycle licenses, fees and registration seems a little passé, especially since the laws are not being enforced, the City Council has decided.

Bicycle commuting grows in Eastern Iowa
Cedar Rapids Gazette – 5/30/13
Cedar Rapids has added 21 miles of bike lanes, shared road arrows and wide shoulder roads since 2008, and the city plans to add 10 additional miles this year, said Ron Griffith, the city’s bike coordinator and a project engineer. City transit buses now include bike racks, and Griffith is helping develop a “complete streets” plan, which would require most road projects be designed for use by bikes and pedestrians in addition to cars.


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