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Bike News Review – 5/2/14

Cycle touring in Mexico
Bike Commuters – 5/2/14
Cycling in Mexico is an amazing way to navigate the country. For cyclists who are wary of the trials and tribulations of a trip deep into South America, Mexico presents the perfect option; exotic but not too exotic, a comfortable range between first world amenities and new world adventure.

New bicycle lanes to be added on College Station Road
Red & Black – 4/28/14
The year-long project will consist of 1.1 miles of five feet wide bicycle lanes on both sides of the road, which will be widened on one side to accommodate for the addition of five foot wide sidewalks. Bike lanes currently exist along College Station Road between East Campus Road and Research Road, but stop at a narrow bridge where cyclists must merge with traffic.

Somerville to get federal money to reduce bicycle crashes
Wicked Local – 4/28/14
The state Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Awareness and Enforcement Program will provide a total of $461,851 in federal highway safety funding to support partnerships with Regional Planning Agencies, local officials and police departments in the 12 communities statewide, with additional communities to be included in future years, according to a press release. The initial 12 communities were identified based upon several factors, including the highest number of reported non-motorist crashes per capita and high proportion of trips made by bicycles and walking.


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