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DK Cincinnati BMX bike – quick review

This bike is another great example of how many people who review bikes forget that everything is relative. While the Cincinnati does not hold up to the top end DKs which cost two to three times as much. It is the best built BMX bike you can buy as Wal Mart. (Or at least it was the last time I visited Wal Mart.)

At $160 it was only ten dollars more than several other brands of BMX bike, and it was much better than those in any measure you’d care to choose. Even the welds were better-looking than the other bikes. The seat was more comfortable. The frame didn’t feel like it was going to snap under my 220 lbs. Impressive.

Now we have to deal with the cheap bike conundrum. While this was the best BMX bike I found at Wal Mart that day, it was far from the cheapest. There were several useable bikes from under $80. So if your kid isn’t going to be excessively harsh in riding, the much cheaper bike is a better deal. Though if you expect more punishment the better, more expensive bike would be worth the money.


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